Deep within Rajasthan – the Land of Kings – lies Makrana, a place that takes its name from a group of artisans who settled in this beautiful place nearly 500 years ago, and gives its name to the marble they worked here.

The marble of Makrana is the oldest and most beautiful of Indian stones, renowned through time and across continents for its purity, its resilience, and its enduring legacy as the stone from which many of the most important historic and spiritual buildings have been crafted. From the ancient Taj Mahal, which stands as a testament to the skills of the earliest artisans, to the most intricate fine art sculptures by modern artists, Makrana marble has a quality that is unmatched and a story that is still unfolding.

In honouring Makrana’s past, the custodians of this precious material invite you to explore the history and legacy of this stone, the exceptional qualities that make it simultaneously a wonder for architectural design and a treasure for intricate crafts, and an exciting, sustainable future.

The Finest of Arts

Makrana calls out to stonemasons and artisans alike. Generations of skilled craftspeople, led by the Ustaji, have dedicated their lives to the refinement of the skills that were first developed hundreds of years ago by the earliest Makrana community. Their stone of choice, from the small-scale intricate design to the massive architectural masterpiece, is Makrana marble. Beloved by artists, celebrated by art curators, and treasured by art lovers, Makrana sculptures are only limited by the imagination

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The Call of the Divine

It feels natural to anyone who sees Makrana white marble that the stone is often the material of choice for spiritual applications. The versatility of Makrana marble – its unique combination of beauty and utility – means that Makrana has long been the chosen medium for the works of kings, artists, and craftsmen. The incredibly varied skills of the Ustaji today reflect the diverse nature of the stone’s usage.

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The Masters of Makrana

The master sculptors of Makrana – Ustaji, along with their disciples, have been working with this beautiful marble for generations. They have not only worked on structures which are large and expansive. But in their able hands, Makrana marble also elevates the humblest everyday items like a jewellery box or a coaster to a level of art. Beautiful objects which can be passed down through the generations to come.

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